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Home Theater Control

Whether home theater means a cozy corner of your living room or a screening room with theater seating, we can install a solution that fits your home perfectly. The possibilities are endless - and setup is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined.


If you are interested in building a dedicated home theater into your home, Nytech-AV has your solution. Whether you want a plasma and a full surround system, or if you want a projection screen and a fully engineered theater room, come to Nytech-AV for your consultation. We have all the best name brands available to suit any budget.

A well designed home theatre system can be the epicentre of the home entertainment system. Nothing can really match the feeling of sitting in front of a giant screen and viewing your favourite movie with theatre quality picture and sound. A proper home theatre design is not as simple as placing a few speakers in the front and back of the room, you must account for everything from the dimensions of the room, to the placement of the seating. Of course, this is a service we offer our customers, and we look at every aspect to ensure that you are completely blown away by the performance of your theatre room. We can work with your interior designer or cabinetry designer to not only have the best performance, but also have the decor of the theatre match the calibre of the rest of the home.

With a centralized media server, you can access all of the content available in the rest of the house in the theatre as well. Forget about having to go through a wall full of Blu-Ray discs to find the movie you want to watch, simply select a movie from a simple to use interface directly on the screen, press play and enjoy!

There are many new and exciting features available in the home cinema field. You can now replicate the theatre effect by placing your front speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen. Keep your cabinetry for storage and design space rather than having to take it up with speakers. Watch movies in the aspect ratio they were filmed in with a 2.35:1 CinemaScope screen and projector setup. What this allows you to do is get rid of the annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the movie you are trying to watch, and allows you to see the full picture and increase the width of your screen to immerse yourself even more deeply into the movie experience.


Single Remote Convenience

If it usually takes you at least four remotes and your teenager to turn on your home theater, you'll love our solutions. A single remote can turn on your TV or projector, the DVD changer, your satellite, and your stereo system. Your one-touch theater setting can even lower the lights or shades in the room and raise or lower the temperature to create the perfect movie-watching ambiance.

  • Home Controller
  • One-Touch Remote
  • Floorstanding or Bookshelf Speakers
  • In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Touch Screens
  • Wireless Switches & Dimmers
  • Wireless Thermostat
  • Motorized Shades


Contact Nytech-AV for more information:

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