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As a builder, opportunities where you can distinguish yourself from your competition are always welcomed. Almost all new homes these days are complete with some form of integrated audio video and some even do home automation. We realize that this industry can be intimidating for a builder because there are so many unknowns if you are dealing with a company that is unprofessional in its approach. We strive to make this process simple and easy to understand for you, and to provide your clients with a well designed system that is going to be trouble free for years to come. We only work with proven and trusted products, and we research any new technology before we offer it.


We analyze our system packages to ensure that they are development friendly. We cut down on the initial customization so the project can be easily implemented and signed off on. We leave the option of future customization up to the homeowner after they have taken delivery so they are not limited to a simple system.


If you are interested in offering audio, video and automation integration packages in your development portfolio, contact Nytech for a personalized technology package based on your needs.